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A Gift for Baby
by Jan Hunt (autographed)

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7" X 7", 32 pages.

Jan Hunt's A Gift for Baby celebrates compassionate parenting on every page, with colorful pictures of breast­feeding, cosleeping, babywearing and family closeness, woven into a sweet story with a delightful surprise ending. The perfect picture book for attachment parenting families.

Hardcover edition, with text in both English and Spanish. Children love learning the Spanish words too!

Story by Jan Hunt, art by Sunny Rosanbalm. Spanish translation by Marcela Araiza. Approved by La Leche League and Attachment Parenting International.

Reviews for A Gift for Baby

"Thought you might like to see how much joy your books brings to the life of many children, so I've attached a picture of our daughter (17 months). She keeps bringing A Gift for Baby to us, wanting to read it with us. At other times she picks it up on her own and enjoys looking through it with great interest. Thank you for making such a lovely book!" - E.M.
"This is sure to be a favorite both with parents, babies, toddlers, and children of any age!" - Naomi Sandoval  Read full review
"My daughter loves your new children's book! With a whole shelf full of books, that is the first one she chooses each time she pulls them all off onto the floor (ha!). She carefully takes your book, sits down and looks through the pictures very intently. When she is finished with it, she then drags all the rest of the books into a huge pile on the floor. A favorite activity for a 14 month old! - S.B.
"A joyful glimpse into the heart of children, A Gift for Baby not only validates what children really want and need, but also gently reminds its readers that love is what matters. A Gift for Baby is a gift for parents too." - Kali Wendorf, Editor, Kindred

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