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John HoltJohn Holt (1923-1985), writer and leading figure in educational reform, wrote ten books, including How Children Fail, How Children Learn, Never Too Late, and Learning All the Time. His work has been translated into fourteen languages. How Children Learn, and its companion volume, How Children Fail, have together sold over two million copies in their many editions and influenced a generation of teachers and parents. His letters have been collected and published under the title A Life Worth Living. John Holt's deep insights into the child's mind have become increasingly appreciated as we try to make both schools and homes better places for children to learn.

- Biographical note to How Children Learn, Revised Edition, Reading, Massacusetts: Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1995. John Holt's work is being continued by Holt Associates.

"I have come to understand, finally, and even to accept, that in almost everything I believe and care about, I am a member of a minority in my own country. This is certainly true of all my ideas about children and education. We who do not believe in compulsory schooling, who believe that children want to learn about the world, are good at it, and can be trusted to do it, without much adult coercion and interference, are surely not more than one per cent of the population and perhaps much less than that. This doesn't trouble me any more, as long as those minorities of which I am a member go on growing. My work is to help them grow."

- John Holt,
Growing Without Schooling, 1977, Issue 1.

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